Every Long Term Care pharmacy has one or several "bone yards" where old carts go to be forgotten. These unused and damaged carts are not usable for your customers and yet pharmacies continue to pay storage facilities hundreds of dollars in rent to warehouse unusable equipment. MedCartWorks technicians can assess your used equipment and give your pharmacy several options.

  • MedCartWorks can provide estimates to refurbish your carts. Surprisingly- many carts can be returned to usable condition with minor repairs and cleaning. Carts requiring major expense to refurbish can be identified and disposed.
  • MedCartWorks can refurbish and store your good carts at our regional depot so they are available immediately for customer needs.
  • MedCartWorks can acquire your old carts to stop those monthly rent charges.
  • MedCartWorks has refurbished carts available for sale.

Call 336-270-4990 or click here to receive a quote for a particular need. Our cart pros are always on the go, available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure that your cart goes! 

“MedCartWorks has always provided exceptional service and delivered quality products right to the doorsteps of our clients. They have also helped us contain costs in our long term care division. We truly value our partnership with MedCartWorks.”
— Mary Page Nemcik- Director of Marketing and Operations Encore Pharmacy