Med Cart Assessment 

If your carts have been in service for more than two years and/or you are receiving an unusual number of trouble calls MedCartWorks technicians can perform an assessment of your carts currently in use in your customers’ facilities. Many needed repairs such as broken wheels, narcotic box lids that are broken, and locks that do not work due to liquid spills, often go unreported yet cause facility staff frustration with your pharmacy. As you well know, if you provide the med cart to the facility, that is the most used item, and reflects most tangibly, on your pharmacy.

MedCartWorks can go to your facilities, assess your carts, (even perform minor repairs if you give us permission) and report back to you on the condition and costs to repair. This unexpected customer service you provide to the facility pays big dividends for you, making the customer more loyal and less likely to make a change. MedCartWorks assessments are an extremely cost effective way to demonstrate excellent customer service. 

MedCartWorks can also do these assessments on carts in storage, using one cart to repair another. Before any repairs are made, we will issue you a report by serial number so you can determine the most cost effective way to repair your carts and have them for use as you grow. 

Our Assessments deliver BIG SAVINGS at a LOW COST!

Call 336-270-4990 or click here to receive a quote for a particular need. Our cart pros are always on the go, available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to make sure that your cart goes!